This Chilling Live-Action Until Dawn Trailer Will Haunt Your Dreams

Two new trailers have been released for the choose-your-own-adventure horror game from Supermassive Games and Sony Computer Entertainment, Until Dawn. The all-star cast are nowhere to be seen in the two trailers, but they're very interesting nonetheless.

Gamespot posted up both videos where gamers get an idea of how Until Dawn plays out. The first video is an interactive trailer that lets you choose your own path. Check it out below.

The second video is a more straight-through trailer – it's non-interactive but it shows you how different outcomes will play a big part in the way Until Dawn's story and character development unfolds. It's set to a narrative poem by Robert Frost and definitely leaves more of the camp and cheese behind.

The second trailer, titled “Road Not Taken”, is a lot darker and more grim than the first interactive trailer. It sets the stage for Until Dawn in a way that makes it seem more serious and gritty than you might have been expecting. Check it out below.

That sounds a little like Clint Mansell's Moon soundtrack... or then again, just about anything from Clint Mansell with a piano lead.

Anyway, the trailer has some strong ties to Cabin In The Woods. The whole concept of Until Dawn is actually quite similar to the horror movie given that there are more than just the evil clowns in the game.

During one of the playthroughs it was revealed that there are quite a few different “evil” elements terrorizing the kids on their snowy mountain trip into the woods.

The game itself is basically a throwback to the whole cabin in the woods trope in horror movies. Eight kids go into the woods to spend the weekend having fun and getting laid, but things turn sour when some of them start coming up missing or worse yet... dead.

The game allows players to choose how they play, and according to Supermassive Games it's actually possible to save all eight kids and get through the night until dawn arrives. Getting through the end with everyone alive will be tricky, though, and I imagine a lot of people will likely look to YouTube to find the right proper play-style in order to beat the game with the best rating possible.

Until Dawn is due for release exclusively on the PlayStation 4 starting August 25th. You can learn a little bit more about the two trailers above as well as the inspiration behind them by checking out the latest entry for the game on the PlayStation Blog.

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