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Journey, The Unfinished Swan, Until Dawn Coming To PS4

Some of the biggest games that helped shape the end of the PlayStation 3's life-cycle are now scheduled to arrive for Sony's PlayStation 4, bigger, better and brighter than ever. Well, it hasn't officially been confirmed just yet, but it has been made known thanks to a few slips here and there.

According to a detailed report over on IGN, the PlayStation 3 exclusives from last gen will be making their way over onto the PlayStation 4. This shouldn't come as much of a surprise given the popularity of some games, especially the highly praised, and top-selling indie title from thatgamecompany, Journey.

IGN is reporting that a list of games that would be playable at GamesCom this year in Cologne, Germany, showcased Until Dawn, The Unfinished Swan and Journey being on the table for the PS4. The list was posted in full over on respected gaming forum NeoGaf.

Two of the titles had already been previously rated for the PlayStation 4, with The Unfinished Swan being rated by the Games Rating Board over in Korea. Until Dawn was also previously reported to arrive on the PS4, with Sony's worldwide studios boss, Shuhei Yoshida, mentioning that it would be a perfect fit for the new eighth generation home console.

These three games could really help further flesh out the library of the PS4 given its lack of backwards compatibility. One of the big issues this generation – with the exception of the Wii U – is that the new consoles are unable to play the previous generations' games due to switching the architecture, with the Xbox going from PPC to x86 and the Playstation going from The Cell to x86, too.

Since the new consoles don't have backwards compatibility it means that their libraries are exceptionally small for now, leaving many gamers in a software drought. Sony has aimed to rectify this problem by quickly porting over popular PS3 titles for the PS4. It makes sense given that more than half of all PS4 owners didn't previously own a PS3, with many of them making the switch from a Wii or Xbox 360.

While Sony may have been criticized for having too many remakes on the PS4, the company is at least playing it smart in expanding the library of their fourth generation console while they still work out the pricing and details on their PlayStation Now streaming service, which is powered by Gaikai.

In addition to this, the three games that are coming to the PS4 are highly lauded titles. The Unfinished Swan was easily one of the best games of 2012 and offered gamers a truly unique experience unlike anything else out there. Players start the game painting the world into being, and then eventually discover why things are the way they are and it all unfolds as a great tale spawned from master storytelling.

Journey was an amazing game and worked as a transcendental trek through triumph, failure, heartbreak and ascension. It should go without saying that it definitely deserves a spot on the PS4. Seeing it in full HD will be a real pleasure. It's one of those amazing titles that will really pop on Sony's latest hardware.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.