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After departing from Epic Games earlier in the month, Clifford Bleszinski is a free agent and his first order of business? Offering his services to Capcom to help restore the prestige and B-movie horror antics to the Resident Evil franchise. I don't know if pumping Leon up on steroids like his virtual buddy Chris Redfield will be the right way to go, but roiding up characters like a WWE wrestler seems to have done wonders for the sales of Gears of War.

The tweet is short and sweet and I imagine it was done for goofs and giggles, as the comment is left there with a smiley face and no further follow-up from the Cliffster. Check it out below...
Hey, Capcom. Call me. We can fix Resident Evil. Together. :-)

The tweet was originally spotted by Japanese gaming blog Jin115, but I have no idea how they interpreted the tweet from Cliffinski other than with these images that don't make a lot of sense...

I'm guessing they're some sort of mythical Japanese monsters, I don't know.

Anyway, I don't see what would be wrong with Cliffmeister taking a stab in the dark at the Resident Evil franchise. Let's be honest, Capcom is already trying to imitate Gears of War with the current direction of Resident Evil and perhaps Cliff's tweet was more-so a jab at the fact that they imitated Gears of War poorly.

Alternatively, Cliffy B., could be saying that maybe Resident Evil 7 needs to get back to the roots, needs to embrace the dark side of horror. And hey, remember the first Gears of War dabbled a lot into the horror aspects with the sort of barren cities, the parts where you had to stay in the light to avoid being devoured and the whole rush to get to shelter before night fall...I think if Clifton was given the appropriate resources and a small team, they could churn out an interesting take on Resident Evil that was both action-packed and enthused with a nice dose of atmospheric horror.

I guess we'll never know because Capcom already seems dead-set on how they plan to milk the Resident Evil brand and it certainly doesn't include maintaining its own identity, but rather borrowing from the identities of other popular brands just to make more money.