I'm a big fan of platformers, especially those that require a higher degree of skill, timing and patience than the majority of games in the genre. However, even I'm not sure I have the saintly qualities that will be necessary to stomach Wii U launch window title, Cloudberry Kingdom, which happens to have a brand new trailer showing off its over-the-top gameplay.

At its core, Cloudberry Kingdom is about as straightforward as a game can get. You hold right on the analog stick to make your character move forward and press a button to make them jump. That's it. No muss, no fuss, no—waitaminute have you seen this street-rat-crazy trailer?

Nope! Count me out! I'm done with this nonsense before I've even started. For the sake of Wii U controllers everywhere, this game should not even exist. There's no way in hell this game doesn't end with a Wii U flying out the window or one of those super expensive, massive controllers going directly through a TV screen.

In all seriousness, though, I highly doubt the game will be as impossible as it appears at first glance. The purpose of a video game is to provide enjoyment, so there has to be some sort of trick to make all of that mayhem more manageable, right? Right?!

Either way, Cloudberry Kingdom offers the ability for players to create their own levels, so no matter how rough the core game gets, you better believe Pwnee Studios' most diabolical creations will seem like a walk in the park compared to what some of the game's most twisted fans will be able to concoct. I can hardly contain my excitement/terror.

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