Today the Crackdown 2 public demo was released through Xbox Live. The demo allows you to play around in one large section of the game world.

You can play the demo alone or with up to three other players. The ability advancement system is accelerated for the purposes of this free trial so you can get a sense of how powerful you'll get by the later levels. You're free to either complete missions or just explore; in either case, the demo will end after thirty minutes.

One interesting thing about the demo is that you can earn Achievements. There are 10 Achievements worth 100G up for grabs. To get credit, you'll need to be connected to Xbox Live while playing the demo. The Achievements will be added to your Gamerscore once you start up the full version of Crackdown 2.

You can unlock a higher difficulty level for the Crackdown 2 demo by playing "Chuck's Ducks 2", a Facebook game at This carnival style game allows you to earn Quackers - rubber duck bombs, essentially - that can be used in the full version's multiplayer.

Crackdown 2 hits North America on July 6th. The Australian and European releases will occur on July 8th and 9th, respectively.

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