Crackdown For Xbox One Will Have Seamless Co-op

One of the new things that became popular during seventh generation gaming was drop-in and drop-out co-op. Several games helped pioneer the ability for multiplayer to easily and seamlessly hop into a multiplayer game or hop out of it without disturbing the main host too much. Well, Microsoft wants to take that concept to the next level with Crackdown on the Xbox One.

Speaking with the Official Xbox Magazine at this year's E3 [via Total Xbox] it was revealed by one of Microsoft's creative directors, Ken Lobb, who spoke about the game's multiplayer, saying...

"Crackdown was on of the first drop-in, drop-out co-op games, but we're going more towards 'there's just the game,'"... "You're playing the game, it's single, it's co-op, it's a mash-up," ... "Choose at will in the game, instead of hiding behind menus and loads and lobbies. Just make the gameplay as if it's one big thing."

This makes it sound as if players will basically connect to a master server and just pool with friends in and out as they play, almost similar to instanced match-making areas in some PvP-oriented MMOs.

The game is said to be built around Cloudgine's dedicated physics work that operates on server-based calculations, and it's being headed up by Dave Jones, the former lead developer at Realtime Worlds, the developers behind the original Crackdown on the Xbox 360.

Microsoft had previously revealed that the Build physics demo they put out there that showcased a building breaking down in real-time with the calculations taking place on the cloud server would be the foundation for Crackdown on the Xbox One.

Basically, this means that the game will be designed for people with high-end, stable internet connections.

There has been no word yet on what will happen for people who have spotty internet or poor connections, as a lot of the seamless fluidity of the gameplay and physics interactions will be dependent on latency-free connections.

Of course, first Microsoft needs to get a good team behind the game to actually develop it. While Cloudgine is working on the game's server and physics infrastructure for cloud-based calculations, there still isn't an actual game built around this infrastructure. The company will be aiming to bring on a team who can put together a fun game that makes use of those seamless multiplayer functions when the time comes.

For now, Crackdown on the Xbox One is more-so a conceptualized prototype than it is an actual game. There's a strong likelihood that it won't see the light of day until a few years from now, but at least fans of the series know that something is coming down the pipeline for the title.

It will be interesting to see what Microsoft has to unveil for the game at next year's E3, or if the game will forgo next year's show and focus on showing up at E3 2016 with something a bit more substantial and interactively tangible for gamers to mess around with? We'll find out when the time comes. Hopefully it won't go missing for long periods of time like the Fallout series.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.