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Ubisoft released a new trailer for The Crew detailing a list of the game's features, game modes and some of the skill challenges that players will be able to partake in throughout the open-world of The Crew. The trailer keeps it mostly straight-to-the-point as Ubisoft rolls out everything they think will entertain and pull in gamers.

The video notes that there are 12 distinct American locations scattered across a large 1900 square-mile recreation of specific parts of the United States. Each of the locations fit into five major regions and going from coast-to-coast will take players around 40 minutes of travel.

Simply put, it's a pretty large game and definitely challenges or rivals many of the biggest open-world video games out there for supremacy as a large-scale racing game with an equally large environment to play in. One of the biggest problems with Test Drive Unlimited was that it had a pretty big map but not a lot of fun stuff to do in that map. Worse yet was that it was a large map full of a lot of samey backdrops and locations. There's that spells boredom quicker than passing by the same ho-hum house block nearly 20 times every couple of times.

In The Crew I can attest that during the 40 minute drive from one end of the map to the other, players were treated to a rather diverse cache of environmental backdrops. The change up in the surrounding environment as you drive around definitely helps prevent the game from falling into the same problems as Test Drive Unlimited.

As for the game modes, Ubisoft details things in the video such as Item Chase, where players will crash through stacks of items before time runs out, and whoever has the most score wins. There's also police chase, just like the one from Need for Speed World where players will have to outrun law enforcement before they get trapped and captured.

Other modes keep it more personal and private, such as the 1-on-1 tag mode, where players will chase down another player and attempt to “tag” them before they escape. The one more that looks like it's going to be the fan-favorite of the game is the takedown mode, where players will deck out their vehicle and have to either solo or tag-team with friends and either stop a rogue vehicle in its tracks or perform things like highway robbery of armored trucks. It looks like one of the more fun things to do in the game and a great way to flesh out the diversity of the modes.

As is standard in most racing titles, the checkpoint race mode is available so players can race against the clock, as well as additional skill challenges that sees players having to complete specific objectives within certain regions of the game map.

The Crew is set for release on eighth generation consoles and PC starting November 11th. Need more info? Feel free to visit the official website.

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