Need for Speed World is having its second birthday and, to celebrate, the 16 million current users and anyone who jumps into the massively multiplayer online racer ASAP will be getting all of the presents.

Need for Speed World hit the scene back in 2010, offering online racing fans more than 100 miles of road to explore in over 120 licensed cars. This free-to-play racing game allows players to explore the world with friends in Free Roam, or jump into all sorts of co-op and versus race challenges.

With NFSW’s impending birthday, the developers are hosting a trunkload of free giveaways running through this Friday, July 27. Players will unlock all sorts of goodies like customized license plates, neons and vinyls, as well as a fistful of SpeedBoost, the in-game currency.

As an example of what players can expect from this week-long celebration, here’s a look at what players will be getting today simply by logging in:

-The release of the all new 2012 Chevrolet Camero ZL1, given to players for free.
-The launch of a double XP week. Until Friday, all players will earn twice as much experience when competing in race events, Team Escapes and Cop Pursuits.
-Finally, the long-awaited release of the Free Cam feature, allowing players to take control of the game camera to snap shots of their customized rides in action.

To find out more or register to get in on the free racing action, head on over to the Need for Speed World official website.

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