A new tech-demo for the CryEngine 3 has found its way to the masses, and the video itself features a series of physics-tests on a generic looking pickup truck. Said physics-tests include driving the truck full speed into a number of inanimate objects and watching the pieces fly everywhere.

It's a fairly entertaining trailer and at first it seems quite remarkable...seriously, you don't even need me to point out to you how cool it is to see various aspects of the truck appropriately and accurately deform based on the collision speed, the angle and direction. Check it out for yourself.

That's all pretty impressive. Many people on the YouTube page and reddit entry really wanted to see what happened when two vehicles collided at the same time and the results that came out of it. Physics-wise, I don't think the truck operates quite in the same way or in the same weight capacity as the vehicles from a game like Gran Turismo 5, so the physical reactions come across as..."light", for the lack of a better word.

Some of the accidents/crashes are also similar to what we've seen in the modded Grand Theft Auto IV community, as evidenced in the following video and this video here.

While the soft-body damage in the CryEngine 3 video was a lot more detailed than GTA IV, it wasn't quite as over-the-top realistic as some racing enthusiast might have been expecting. Still, it's a good step in the right direction and with some more tweaking (and weight adjustments) it will be nice to see how it advances.

You can learn more about the CryEngine 3 as well as try your hand at designing your own games, simulations and software using the free SDK over at the Official Website.

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