Customization, Upgrades Detailed For Solatorobo: The Red

XSeed Games released some new details on how players can make some progress with their robots and customize their characters in the upcoming Nintendo DS JRPG, Solatorobo: The Red.

The game sports some rare items called P Crystals, these crystals are used mainly for the protagonist’s mech, Dahak. As gamers level-up and progress through the world of Solatorobo: The Red, new customization and upgrade slots will be unlocked for Dahak, which in turn can be utilized with the P Crystals that can be found scattered throughout the massive game world. Players can upgrade and modify attack, defense, hydraulic (lifting power), mobility and revive characteristics for their mech.

What’s more is that the game turns upgrading into a slight mini-game, as stated in the press release…

The system adds an interesting twist, however, by taking on the format of a puzzle mini-game. As slots are unlocked with P Crystals, the number of total open customization slots increases, allowing for more upgrades. But not all upgrades are physically the same. While a low-level attack or defense upgrade may only take up one slot, higher-level upgrades may require several slots, and may be L-shaped or rectangular, forcing players to figure out which upgrades fit together within their allotment of unlocked slots.

What’s more is that the game prompts players to scavenge for P Crystals as higher level upgrades will require up to 20 P Crystals, meaning that you’ll be spending more time scavenging if you plan to get stronger. Seems like a nice little side-quest payoff to extend the replay values.

XSeed Games localized version of Solatorobo: The Red is scheduled to release on September 27th for the Nintendo DS. Need more info? Feel free to visit the Official Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.