By now most gamers who keep up to date on all things industry related to video game companies, developers and publishers, may have heard that THQ is no longer publishing casual games, family games or kids games. Instead, THQ is going full-on hardcore and sticking with the games that sell such as Warhammer, Saints Row, UFC and WWE.

According to, D3Publisher, a subsidiary of Namco Bandai, will be picking up the publishing rights to three upcoming Dreamworks properties to publish them as games. These titles were once under the THQ licensing label until THQ backed out to restructure and focus on core games alone.

I can't blame THQ for what they did because it shows that just because you try to cash in on the casual crowd doesn't mean it will pay off. The company now has to deal with over a million unsold uDraw Wii units that didn't quite sell like the hot cakes they thought they were.

Will Namco's D3Publisher fare better with the new Dreamworks titles? I guess we'll see later on this year starting this summer in June and leading all the way up to next spring of 2013. The three games expected to be published by D3 includes Madagascar 3, Rise of the Guardians, and The Croods.

Other specifics about how much was paid to publish the games under the Dreamworks license or whether D3 will be in a long-term relationship with the studio remains to be seen. But it looks like people are quick to pick up the scraps THQ left behind.

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