Dark Shadows: Army Of Evil Announced

Burian Media Enterprises announced a new indie-FPS, medieval action game for PC called Dark Shadows: Army of Evil. The name sounds like a bit of a mix-up of the Evil Dead: Army of Darkness name but alas, it's just an indie title looking for a little recognition by providing gamers with bucket loads of blood spilling, sword-swinging action and a damsel in distress.

Dark Shadows uses plot element from Mario but done in a violent way. Some ogre creatures are invading the land real bad and one day while you were out searching for an ignorant runaway horse, these creatures ransack the land, beat the crap out of everything in sight and then capture the princess...the women you secretly had a crush on all those years.

Full of rage and anger that they captured the only pretty woman in the town, you set out on a quest to unleash some pent up sexual frustration on some mean and nasty ogres using 18 different weapons across 19 different levels. You get to maim, mutilate, shoot, hack, slash and throw objects at opponents in order to retrieve Katerina, the woman of your dreams. Check out some gameplay below.

It looks all right. I guess the selling point is a single-player, hack-and-slash adventure that mainly works as a throwback to the olden days of FPS adventure titles. The game looks eerily similar to Hexen but without all the super-magical badassery.

The color scheme also has a similar taste of Quake to it, which will probably work as a gravitational field for old-school gamers who woe the days of Call of Duty and Battlefield and would prefer something like...well, Dark Shadows.

It's a little difficult for me to get excited about this game with titles like War of the Roses and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare right around the corner, but having options is never a bad thing and if it weren't for the indie community and places like Burian Media Enterprises, we just wouldn't have a game like this at all.

You can learn more about Dark Shadows: Army of Evil by visiting the Official Website. The game is set for release exclusively for PC either this September or October.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.