One of the big unknowns about the reemerging technology of virtual reality is how saturated it could become in the mainstream marketplace. VR has been coming and going in the entertainment field for decades, but it looks like it may have gained some strong footing thanks to the Oculus Rift. Well, one game series might get in on the VR wagon sometime in the future and it's From Software's Dark Souls.

IGN, via translator, managed to get in some questions about VR to Dark Souls II director Yui Tanimura, where Tanimura explained that...
“This isn't something that we are looking into detail yet, or at least right now, but I agree that the world of Dark Souls 2 is something that has a very visceral element to it,”

IGN continued to prod the director for more insight into the studios' take on the virtual reality technology and whether or not it will change the way they design their games. According to Tanimura...
“It’s mostly sort of on the realistic side, so I think that experience with the headset is something that would go well with Dark Souls as content,”

Sadly, that's about as far as the famed designer would go on the subject of Dark Souls and virtual reality.

Nevertheless, there was plenty more to discuss regarding other topics of interests, especially about the potential feature that gamers could see from the series now that the studio is focusing on developing for the Xbox One and PS4.

In fact, the team will be working hard to bring some special new features to Dark Souls now that they have more hardware power at their disposal. According to Tanimura...
“Going forward in terms of future games in the series, there are definitely more possibilities in terms of new enemies that take advantage of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One… ,” “I’m sure its not a secret there are all kinds of possibilities for the future, especially with this new hardware and much expertise going forward. There are some planning documents that we have internally that would blow your head off.”

More physics-based fights? Utilizing the environment? Slicing off limbs? I'm curious about those internal documents. A lot of games have recently been recycling a lot of the same 'ole, same 'ole, despite having nine years to work on the Xbox 360 (which is just flat-out embarrassing from a technology standpoint) and eight years with the PS3.

One would have expected that after such a long period of time spent in the seventh generation of gaming we would be seeing some of really neat and interesting ideas coming out a lot sooner for the Xbox One and PS4 instead of remakes, remasters and re-releases. But it looks like we'll have to suffer through a few more remasters before we get to the real good stuff.

Following the release of Dark Souls II we're likely to see what else From Software will cook up for both the Xbox One and PS4. In the short term we'll be seeing the company's first eighth-gen exclusive arrive on the PS4, Bloodborne. I haven't been too impressed with the game so far, but maybe that will all change as the game gets closer to release.
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