Namco Bandai wants players' feedback on the tagline of Dark Souls 2. Through the game's Facebook page, they have presented five choices for fans to vote on.

The five options are "Transcend Death," "Into The Beyond," "Go Beyond Death," "Survive Death," and "Sacrifice Everything." "Transcend Death" is currently in the lead with over 2,000 votes. "Sacrifice Everything" is in second with almost 1,600. The other three options each have less than 200 apiece.

Dark Souls 2 doesn't continue the story of Dark Souls or spiritual predecessor Demon's Souls. However, the core gameplay is still the same. Players must avoid traps and battle monsters, both of which can instantly kill a careless hero. Through multiple deaths, the player sharpens their skills and learns how to overcome the game's various obstacles. That's why, in case you're wondering, the possible taglines are so damn morbid.

"Transcend Death" definitely feels like the best fit for the game. "Go Beyond Death, "Sacrifice Everything" and "Survive Death" are kind of conveying the same image but in a less eloquent way. "Into The Beyond" sounds like the tagline for a Star Trek movie. If you're passionate about any of the taglines, cast your vote here.

Dark Souls 2 is in development for Xbox 360 and PS3 and PC. Developer From Software says that it might not be out this year.

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