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The ESRB seems to have leaked news of yet another PSN remake. They recently rated the Capcom fighting game Darkstalkers for the PSP and PS3, an indication that the game is about to be resurrected as a PSOne Classic.

Darkstalkers is a series of 2D fighting games that first started in the nineties. The original game was very similar to Street Fighter II, though it also introduced a couple new features like air blocking and chain combos. The cast of ten playable characters included a vampire, unnaturally busty succubus, werewolf and unnaturally busty cat-girl.

There were only three Darkstalkers games, the last released in 1997. Still, the characters from these games have endured. Several cast members gone on to appear in Capcom cross-over games, most recently Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. The series' cult following has been demanding a contemporary sequel to Darkstalkers for awhile now so perhaps a PSN re-release of the first game is the initial step toward such a dream.

Capcom has yet to announce Darkstalkers is coming to PSN but official announcements tend to follow close behind ESRB listings. Plus, Monday is Halloween so that seems like a good time to release news about a monster-themed fighting game.

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