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Not every encounter in the standalone “alpher” of DayZ has to turn into a frantic and chaotic scene of bullets, blades and bloodbaths. Sometimes the human interactions in DayZ turn into something a lot scarier, a lot funnier and a heck of lot more entertaining than you may have originally thought.

The video is pretty quick about telling its story. The entire saga starts and ends at nearly four minutes even. It's quite lighthearted to involve bandits, survivors and the theme of execution. Usually this subject matter renders a somber mood over the comment section with plenty of angry folk chiming in about wanting the heads of the bandits on a platter suited for serving the roasted head of a pig. However, most people have avoided a cantankerous tone and have embraced the jocular antics of the video.

Basically, three survivors get overrun by gun-wielding bandits. And like most cases where people who get dropped on by those touting safety by surrender, the three survivors throw up their arms and acquiesce to the commands of the bandits.

Things are kept rather jovial by the heavily armed gang, as they separate the two yellow jacket wearing survivors, have them to place their axes on the ground and then commence them to fighting against each other in a duel to the death.

It's not something that you easily understand until one of the bandits comments about the instigator's intentions. It becomes obvious that one of those yellow jacket-wearing survivors won't survive after all. In a previous case, however, one of the survivors did manage to get revenge against his aggressors by grabbing an axe and giving chase to them until he hacked them to pieces.

In this current case, the situation isn't quite as vindictive for the survivors. The end result isn't entirely dire, though. There's still a slight sense of triumph for the survivors... assuming you want to call the pandering of mercy from a band of ruffians a “triumph”.

Basically, this is just one of many entries in the many tales being told in Bohemia Interactive's apocalyptic survival simulator. DayZ's standalone alpha has become a benchmark in emergent storytelling unlike any other game out there. Dean “Rocket” Hall and the rest of the design team have been working furiously on building DayZ as a sandbox containing a series of tools in which players can use those tools to craft their own way. Being a bandit isn't a requirement, just the same as killing other players isn't a necessity. The outcome of any situation is as random and unpredictable as the next... sort of like real life.

DayZ is currently undergoing heavy development as an alpha game in Steam's Early Access program. You can join in on the fun (or glitchiness) right now, or wait until the later half of 2014 until the game stabilizes to check out the action. For more info feel free to pay a visit to the official DayZ website.

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