Continuing the tradition of giving away free stuff to people who pre-order a game, the folks over at Deep Silver have announced a pair of DLC packs that will be awarded to those who decide to claim a copy of their upcoming zombie murder simulator, Dead Island: Riptide nice and early.

This latest installment in the Dead Island series once again puts players into the shoes of a group of unfortunate human survivors of a zombie apocalypse. You’ll have another massive map to explore, resources to scrounge for, improvised weapons to wield and, of course, hundreds of zombies to turn into red paste.

Where you pre-order the game from will likely have an impact on which DLC pack you get as a pre-order bonus, so be sure to check with your retailer of choice before plopping down your pre-order cash. The DLC packs are called “The Survivor” and “Fashion Victim,” and both will also be available for purchase following the game’s release, just in case you miss out on the whole pre-order process.

The survivor Pack includes some nifty upgrades to your zombie-slaying arsenal. A “BBQ Blade” kicks things off, adding fire to your favorite instrument for slicing and dicing. This pack also includes an XP and stats booster, as well as access to a special shop that offers discounts on various weapons and items.

Finally, the Fashion Victim pack includes a set of new skins (eeeeew) for each of the playable characters in co-op mode.

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