In Dead Rising 3, zombies aren't the only enemies that you'll have to fight. Like previous games, DR3 forces players to fight psychotic fellow survivors. New details on several of these psychopath bosses hit the Internet today.

Dead Rising 3 is set after the events of Dead Rising 2. Undead have overrun the fictional California city of Los Perdidos. The military prevent anyone from leaving as they ready an airstrike to eradicate the outbreak. Mechanic Nick Ramos will join forces with other survivors and try to escape.

Siliconera's report reveals that the bosses will be very unorthodox. For example, "Shifu" is an Asian immigrant gardener. Once the zombie outbreak began, he didn't flee Los Perdidos. Instead, he became fanatically devoted to protecting his Zen garden. He's willing to kill anyone who steps inside of it. Nick does so accidentally and is forced to fight the old man.

The next boss is a female bodybuilder named Jerry. She's found brooding inside of a local gym. While she's already in a bad mood due to a cancelled lifting competition, Nick just makes her madder by mistaking her for a man. Soon, Jerry attacks him. In battle, she'll use wrestling moves and also toss dumbbells.

Trent might be the most believable psycho that players will encounter. He's been playing video games all day and hasn't noticed the zombies walking the streets. Trent is so engrossed with his game that he won't offer Nick any help. In fact, it's possible the two will end up fighting amidst Trent's stockpile of potato chips and soft drinks.

Not all of the psychopaths are so unusual, though. One boss, pictured below, is a motorcycle gang leader. He was a criminal before the zombie outbreak so the rampaging undead hasn't made him any more sociable. He's said to drive a motorcycle with a steamroller cylinder instead of a front wheel.

Siliconera has proven itself a reliable source of Dead Rising 3 information. They're the publication who first reported back in 2011 that the game would star a mechanic living in Los Perdidos. Those facts were confirmed during the game's announcement at E3. They've been sitting on these boss details for awhile, it seems, as they mentioned that biker character in their initial report.

Dead Rising 3 will be released exclusively on Xbox One this fall. Capcom Vancouver (formerly known as Blue Castle Games), the studio who developed Dead Rising 2 and its DLC campaigns, is heading up the development.

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