So what will a next-generation zombie game look like that has a screen-full of zombies? What will the zombie hordes look like for the upcoming consoles? Well, Microsoft and Capcom allowed gamers to get a first-hand look at what a zombie apocalypse will look like with a big budget and it looks something like Dead Rising 3.

Debuting during the Xbox One E3 press conference yesterday, the game will have players assuming the role of Nick Ramos, a back-alley mechanic who manages to survive the first 48 hours of the zombie outbreak but then has the unfortunate task of having to survive the rest of his life from the zombie outbreak.

The above video gives you a small glimpse at the gameplay mechanics of Dead Rising 3, making use of the game's open-world environment, being able to hop inside of vehicles and drive around as well as taking on hordes and hordes and hordes of the undead.

The game looks like it could be kind of fun, but I don't know about anyone else but the gameplay felt a bit soulless. There was a missing sense of intrigue and engagement that I think is necessary to really hook gamers in, and it was somewhat absent despite having all the other AAA requirements of shiny graphics, great visual effects, lots of AI filling up the screen and seamless exploration jam packed into the game.

Hopefully the developers can find a good direction for this zombie apocalypse title and ensure that it isn't just another big budget cash-in that bites the dust. You can check out Capcom's initial debut trailer below, and the game is scheduled to release, for now, only on the Xbox One in early 2014.

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