The rumored Dead Rising announcement may turn out to be Dead Rising 3 after all. A new report provides details on a third installment of the game, which will introduce an all-new hero.

The main character of DR3, according to Siliconera, is a mechanic named Rick. He's an orphan with self-esteem issues, apparently. I imagine he'll work up the confidence to hit zombies with frying pans, though.

Rick lives in the (fictional) city of Los Perdidos in California. The zombie outbreak hits the town and the military declares martial law. They're preventing anyone from leaving before they can bomb the city and wipe out the infestation for good. Rick and a group of survivors must repair a plan and then escape the city.

As with previous DR games, not all of your fellow survivors will be helpful. Some will be deranged lunatics that you'll be forced to kill. One such character is a biker who drives a "Roller Hog," a motorcycle attached to a steam roller.

The game is said to have a political tone, too. Los Perdidos is home to a group of characters called "illegals," who are infected people that aren't registered by the government. They're making some sort of reference to illegation immigration, I guess.

DR3 hasn't been formally announced by Capcom yet. Presumably they'll revealed it during the Spike VGAs on Saturday.

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