Dead Rising 3 Runs At 30fps And Only 720p On Xbox One

Another confirmation has been made courtesy of Capcom's executive producer Josh Bridge. The exec confirmed that Dead Rising 3 is running at a locked 30 frames per second at native 720p on the Xbox One. While many gamers have been hoping for native 1080p, it looks like what the developers could get to run within the given time frame is what gamers will end up with.

Eurogamer managed to get in an interview with a few of the developers pumping out titles for the Xbox One this fall and one of them happened to be Capcom Vancouver's executive producer, Josh Bridge, who stated that...

Well, first I'm really proud to say we were running on hardware at E3. We had the kits there and we were running it behind closed doors for press. I was really proud, and I had no shame in saying this is where we're at - this is preview code. Ever since then, and it was happening during that time, content needs to be completed, and then optimisation is the focus.And that's what happened - you've seen it through E3, through Gamescom, through now - the frame-rate's been going up and up. And now we're at locked 30 - and that's just been purely the effort of all aspects of the team, the engineering team and our team all trying to optimise. And that's always what happens as the last step of the development of a product.

Well that's one half of the equation noted. I also find it funny that he should need to bring up that they were running on “hardware at E3”. Is it a sin to admit that maybe you needed a little help getting it up for a big event? I mean look, if the Xbox One is having trouble in the performance area, there's no shame in admitting that something bigger and better had to step in to fulfill needs. No one wants a small, puny, weak, two-minute showcase that sputters out on the grand stage... right?

Anyway, Bridge eventually segues over to the important talk of the town that spawned from the ridiculously named “Resolutiongate” scandal (and that really does sound a lot more ridiculous than Xenogate and Doritogate, and I'm even tempted to simply call this Doritogate 2.0, as that at least sounds kind of catchy... ugh, Resolutiongate.) and decides to set the air clear that Dead Rising 3 will not be native 1080p for the Xbox One, stating...

“720p. And I'm really happy with that, with the sheer amount of stuff we have in an open world game locked at 30fps, that's just brilliant. Of course our UI (user interface) runs at 1080 native on top, but no, we're a 720p game locked at 30fps.”

Well there you have it. 720p locked at 30fps... that's the same resolution and FPS as Project CARS on the Wii U.

Anyway, if you're disappointed about the resolution and FPS then tough luck, because Microsoft's Phil Spencer believes that the “fun” should win out over clarity and high-end frame-rates. Though, I do question if the situation was reversed would the execs at Microsoft start playing up to the media the power advantage of the Xbox One and talking about how resolution adds better visibility in games and helps enhance draw distance and targeting in shooter games, while also noting that 60fps helps support player reaction times and better immersion given the smoother frames?

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.