Capcom Vancouver's open-world zombie action title that helps flesh out the exclusive launch line-up for the Xbox One has finally landed on the desks of reviewers and the results are a mixed bag of praise and enjoyment fused with the languishing reality that Dead Rising 3's biggest foe had nothing to do with the game mechanics and everything to do with the technical hurdles of maintaining frame rate consistency.

There are already 30 reviews and counting flowing in for this Xbox One launch title, and the game has already garnered some fair praise and decent scores on Metacritic. But moving past all the Mountain Dew-hued positive scores from the likely culprits – save for The Globe and Mail, which just seems completely unlikely and unwarranted in clout to be considered as a viable review source for video games – there are more insidious numbers that cast a dark cloud over Dead Rising 3 that the post-apocalyptic zombie title can't shake off, just like Democrats unable to shake off Boehner and crew from Obamacare.

The numbers that hedge into the yellow territory on Metacritic all lament a common problem with Dead Rising 3: the frame rate really hampers the fun.

Previously, we reported on Dead Rising 3 allegedly being locked 30 frames per second, but it turns out that the game – during the benchmarks conducted by Digital Foundry – managed to dip down as low as 14 frames per second, and on average, only managed 20 - 24 frames per second whenever zombies were on the screen.

The game's benchmarks have bled over into the game's review scores for some sites, with Shacknews writing...
Unfortunately, the novelty of the much-larger Los Perdidos quickly wears off, especially if you cruise down a street with a sports car only to watch the framerate chug as it frantically tries to load in hundreds of zombies. Capcom Vancouver shot for a much larger world and, in the end, that idea wound up taking away from the overall experience.

Even sites that don't have their reviews up on Metacritic still contributed to the discussion about Dead Rising 3's flaccid frame rate issue – the game struggling to keep up like a middle-aged man desperately trying to maintain his rocket in the presence of a much younger woman, but failing miserably because he just doesn't have the juice to please her anymore.

Kotaku is one such site that doesn't contribute to the overall Metacritic aggregate but still rolls out criticisms of Dead Rising 3's frame rate, writing...
“it runs at 720p, which looks rough-edged when compared with other higher-res Xbox One launch games like Forza Motorsport 5 and Ryse: Son of Rome. It also struggles at times to maintain a consistent framerate, which is surprising, given the supposed processing heft of the Xbox One.”

Dang, that's like your girlfriend telling you that not only can you not keep up where it counts, but you're ugly to boot.

If the Xbox 720p was a real human, he would need to buy a whole lot of Viagra and get some really good plastic surgery, and not the Mickey Rourke kind.

On that note, it should be made clear that if you're planning on going all-in on Dead Rising 3 you will have your fun factors contending with piss poor frame rates. It's just something to consider.

Dead Rising 3 is available as a launch title alongside the Xbox One when it drops later this week on November 22nd.
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