Dead Space 3's Awakened DLC will debut on March 12th, Visceral Games announced today. The developer has also provided fresh assets showing off scenes from this expansion.

Awakened is said to extend the campaign by several hours. According to Polygon, the DLC's events take place on the CMS Terra Nova after the ending of the game. Isaac Clarke and John Carver must face off against the Unitology cult and its army of pet necromorphs.

With the expansion, Visceral is hoping to ratchet up the horror. Producer Shereif Fattouh says it will be "ultra-creepy and ultra-scary." Expect Isaac's dementia to be in full effect.

The DLC also adds new weapon customization options. Players will be able to find new weapon parts and circuits. It's not clear whether these new additions are limited to the new adventure or whether they'll be spread throughout the base game as well.

Awakened will cost $10 to download.

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