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Visceral Games revealed a fresh round of pre-order bonuses for Dead Space 3. If you pre-order the action horror game with GameStop or Amazon, you'll unlock a bonus weapon.

The GameStop-exclusive weapon is the EG-900. It's a sub machinegun is designed primarily for urban warfare. The weapon incorporates an "internal hyper-accelerator" to boost its damage.

Amazon, meanwhile, offers customers the the Tesla Enervator. The Enervator delivers an electric blast that can rip apart targets on a molecular level. It sounds a whole lot cooler than the EG-900, to be honest. It might not be as effective in a prolonged battle, though.

Dead Space 3 pre-order customers are getting a bit spoiled. Visceral Games previously announced that anyone reserving a copy of the game would get an automatic upgrade to the Limited Edition. The LE unlocks two bonus weapons and two suits of armor. Between GameStop/Amazon's bonus weapons and the LE, you could start DS3 with an arsenal at your disposal.

The plethora of guns being handed out to pre-order customers really highlights an important aspect of Dead Space 3: it's an action game, first and foremost. Don't expect to run out of ammo very often. You might get scared occasionally but you're supposed to shoot these horrors, not run from them. That's always been the case in Dead Space, but EA is taking some flak this time around for really playing up the action elements of the game.

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