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Deadpool, one of Marvel Comic's most infamous antiheroes, is getting his very own video game this summer for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. With the team at High Moon working hard to get the game ready for launch, a new trailer for the Deadpool game is now ready to introduce players to all of the crazy over-the-top antics they can expect later this year.

I've always likened Deadpool to what would happen if The Punisher and Spider-Man had a baby. Now that I've placed that hideous image in your head, you can check out Deadpool the game's latest trailer and see exactly what I'm talking about. The Merc with the Mouth is all about making jokes and cracking wise while taking out enemies in the most violent way possible. You'll see plenty of both of those things in the next two minutes.

The above video was revealed this morning on the PlayStation Blog, highlighting loads of crazy antics, a guest appearance from the time-traveling X-Man, Cable, and the voice work of none other than Nolan North (Nathan Drake, a million other games).

After making two of my favorite video games of this generation in the latest Transformers games, the team at High Moon put their efforts into making Deadpool, something Game Director Sean Miller said the team has taken very seriously despite the not-serious-at-all lead protagonist.

“Deadpool is more than just a poster on our wall here – he's real to us, and his chaotic presence is a well we draw from constantly in designing his game,” Miller said. “Deadpool is the ultimate Marvel antihero, who's never really gotten the star treatment he (thinks he) deserves – until now.”

Check out the above linked post for loads more details on the upcoming game. Otherwise, prepare for the insanity of the Deadpool video game to ensue sometime this summer.

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