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To ensure that the Deadpool video game feels like an authentic Marvel Comics experience, High Moon Studios is including cameos from a variety of Marvel characters. New artwork from the studio confirms that Mister Sinister and Psylocke will both be featured in the action game.

Mister Sinister is a centuries-old mutant who serves Apocalypse. Over the years, he's acquired many powers from other mutants. A few of his abilities include superhuman strength, concussive energy blasts and telekinesis. He's not the sort of guy that Deadpool wants to cross.

Psylocke is a former member of the X-Men. In addition to being an accomplished martial artists, she can form weapons made of telekinetic energy. She possesses a range of other psychic powers as well, including telepathy and the creation of illusions.

High Moon Studios is including several other Marvel characters in the game as well. Cable and Domino will also be featured. Some guy named Wolverine will appear as well.

Deadpool stars a loud-mouthed mercenary of the same name. The Merc With a Mouth takes on a mission to assassinate a media mogul, and things quickly go south from there. The gameplay is a combination of ranged and melee combat. Look for the game to hit stores in June.

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