During Sony's special announcement event for the PlayStation 4, Capcom showed off a medieval fantasy game called Deep Down. They haven't said much about the game since then but today Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono confirmed over Twitter that the game will be a PS4 exclusive.

You can't really accuse Capcom of playing favorites, here. The other big next-gen title they announced so far is Dead Rising 3, an Xbox One exclusive launching alongside that console this fall. I'm very curious to see whether those games will eventually go multiplatform after a timed exclusivity period or whether Capcom intends to make them parallel exclusive franchises for the two competing consoles.

Deep Down is the first game announced for Capcom's new Panta Rhei engine. This new engine is optimized for next-generation consoles while also being efficient and cost-effective. Panta Rhei is meant as a replacement for MT Framework, the engine seen in a range of current-gen Capcom titles including Lost Planet and Resident Evil 6.

The first Deep Down trailer showed a group of adventurers exploring dark caverns. After discovering a set of ancient ruins, they were attacked by a dragon. The knight in the party rushed the monsters head-on. He only manages to get a few sword swings in before the dragon unleashes his fiery breath. The scene closes with the warrior using his shield to keep himself from being incinerated.

The trailer then showed a text message from the player to Yoshinori Ono, asking for weapons, food, or other items to help in this fight. This was a hint at one of the PS4's social features. Players can assist or merely watch each other's gameplay in real-time.

Deep Down's launch window is currently unannounced. The game will be available in playable form for the first time at Tokyo Game Show. This year's TGS will begin on September 19th and run until the 22nd.

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