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Delta Six Realistic Gun Controller Will Get Support For PS4, Xbox One

The Delta Six controller has been on the receiving end of some controversy as well as on the receiving end of a lot of praise and excitement as well. The controller is designed to look like a real life carbine rifle, complete with a stock, clip, scope and grip.

The sexy part of the news isn't that the Delta Six is coming to the market or that pre-orders for the gun controller are now up and available, but it's that the controller will get support for the upcoming PlayStation 4 and Xbox One... according to the developers.

WCCF Tech is reporting that the Delta Six controller uses open-source software support and that it's already built and designed to work with PC, the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. The real meat and potatoes of the news is that the developers are implementing support for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One “pretty soon”.

So what makes this handy gun controller so... handy? Well, because it uses both optical light detection and gryo and accelerometers. This means that you'll get 1:1 reaction timing on this thing and motion-based aiming precision. What's more, this will completely break the debate on what's more precise between a mouse, a trackpad a controller or an actual gun. I would be willing to bet that anyone with a mean aim will probably be a serious threat on the battlefield using this device.

The Delta Six also supports all the customary features one would expect from a real-life looking gun controller, including but not limited to tap-reloads, sights, a trigger mechanism, force feedback recoil (which is probably the best part) and gyro sensors so when you do real-life butt swipes with the gun it works as a melee attack in the game. That's super amazing-balls awesome, right?

Well, it gets even better for the Delta Six when you consider additional periphery accoutrements. Just think about taking the Delta and using it with something like the Oculus Rift... can you imagine how immersive it will be holding a gun and using it as if you were actually there. But wait, don't stop there... take it a step further. What if you combined the Delta Six with an Oculus Rift and the Omni Treadmill? Do you have any idea how intense it will be playing a game with all those devices? That would be insane.

The Delta Six gun controller is available right now for pre-order. There appears to be a deal going on where you can nab the device for a discounted $245 instead of the regular $300 price tag. If you have that kind of money to throw away like some people smoke dollar bills for the fun of it, then this is probably a device well worth owning.

You can learn more about the Delta Six and many of its features and functionality by paying a visit to the official Delta Six website. I sure hope this device arrives in time for the DayZ standalone, because using something like that with the Omni + Oculus would not only give you a massive workout that you probably won't soon forget, but it would also completely elevate the level of interactive gaming to whole new heights.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.