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Love it or hate it, nobody can deny that Destiny is something of a mega-hit. According to recent reports, it looks like the game is pulling in quite a few Guardians on a daily basis, working together or flying solo in order to push back the Darkness. How many players are we talking about here? Just over 3 million daily, apparently.

These figures come from a recent post at Bungie.net, stating that the publisher’s latest first-person shooter, Destiny, draws an average of 3.2 million players per day. The post went live on Oct. 10, a month since the game had originally launched for Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

The post dishes several additional interesting stats, including the fact that the average playtime for Destiny is three hours per day, which includes weekdays when people are supposed to be, you know, working or going to school. The addiction is real.

It also states that the average player dives into Destiny 1.8 times a day, which we take to mean everyone plays it once, then boots it up again later, and decides to back out of the start menu in order to watch episodes of Game of Thrones instead.

For fans of Bungie’s past work, they also go on to report that, for the last three weeks of the game’s first month, more players were online playing Destiny than during the same period of time for Halo 3 and Halo: Reach combined.

Those are some pretty impressive stats, especially considering how Destiny’s media reception was only a little hotter than lukewarm. Maybe it was the infamous Loot Cave that kept everyone coming back for more. Or perhaps it’s the regularly scheduled special events or the never-ending support in the form of quick fixes and patches. Or maybe it’s just a damn fun game.

Speaking of the Loot Cave, and once again showing how dedicated Bungie is to making Destiny a unique experience, now that legendary location boasting hordes of enemies and a fortune in loot, is straight-up haunted.

The above video shows off the Halloween-appropriate message that mysteriously popped up recently in the location known as the Loot Cave, located on the Cosmodrome map on Earth. Simply head to the cave and “disturb the remains,” and prepare to get ever-so-slightly disturbed yourself. It almost makes you wonder how many kids will dress up and go to Halloween parties as their favorite Guardian?

Destiny is likely to have legs carrying it on for months or even years to come. Being the “hottest 7/10” game on the planet seems to have its advantages.
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