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Destiny Now Sells The Carlton Dance

There's a collection of new emotes that Bungie released for Destiny, one of which includes the Carlton dance from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The dance in the game is labeled as “Enthusiastic”. It's part of a new pack of content that Bungie has introduced along with microtransaction currency.

Eurogamer did a write-up on the on the new currency and the new emotes while YouTuber MoreConsole posted a video showing the Carlton dance in action.

The dance, being as hilarious as it is, will cost you, though. In the Eurogamer article they reveal the pricing for the Destiny cash shop currency known as “Silver”, which was revealed when the Eververse trading company was announced as the new way to partake in microtransactions in Destiny.

In the U.K., you can purchase the Silver from the respective online console stores with £3.99 for 500 Silver, £7.99 for 1,000 Silver, Silver and £15.99 for 2,000. For the 1,000 Silver option it comes with a bonus 100 Silver, and for the 2,000 Silver option it comes with a bonus 300 Silver.

The prices for North America were also revealed by MoreConsole on their Twitter account.

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The inclusion of cash shop currency into Destiny effectively turns it into the same sort of microtransaction, in-app heavy title equivalent to a lot of the Korean free-to-play MMOs. The only difference is that Destiny isn't free-to-play.

Of course, with emotes like the Carlton dance and other miscellaneous goodies being added to the cash shop, it's not surprising that Bungie will likely see a continued and steady growth of sales for the game through the microtransactions and cash shop currency. A lot of gamers with poor impulse control will want whatever is new and whatever is the latest that the game has to offer and that will likely continue to contribute to the game's mammoth financial success.

Bungie was granted $500 million for a decade worth of Destiny content, and Activision made that back within the first quarter of the game's release. The additional expansion packs and microtransactions will just further help pad the game's profits as Bungie continues to move through development of the game and its new expansion packs.

The new emotes are just a way for Bungie to keep throwing out new content with a price tag on them. However, they don't actually say exactly how much the 18 new emotes cost. They range from clapping and chest pumps to The Rock's “Bring it on!” taunt and the cut-throat taunt.

The emotes are available right now along with the new Silver cash shop currency. It seems strange that a $60 game with $40 expansion packs has $20 cash shop packs, but that's just part of today's gaming culture. But don't worry, if you don't like it you're not alone... even music mogul Kayne West doesn't like microtransactions.

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