Destiny's Reputation Grind Will Be Less Annoying Soon

Destiny's upcoming patch will be making a nice change to the reputation system. It should make your quest to curry favor with game's various factions more manageable.

Currently, players have to check their reputation with a faction and weekly marks by speaking to that faction's vendor in the Tower. This is, simply put, kind of a pain in the ass. It's really surprising to see that this awkward spot in the user interface actually survived until Destiny's launch. Player shouldn't have to run all the way to the Hangar to find out what their standing is with the Future War Cult.

Anyway, Bungie plans to fix this rough edge in Destiny by introducing a new Reputation panel. The panel, accessible through the Inventory window, shows the player their marks and reputation no matter where they are. Here's a GIF that shows a player using this UI improvement

New reputation panel for Destiny

"Since reputation really affects your buying power, it made sense to put it in close proximity to your currencies," said user interface design lead David Candland in Bungie's Weekly Update. "The inventory screen real estate is pretty full, so using the fly-out convention we established in the settings screen was a way to recoup some space, yet still allow tooltips for another layer of detail."

The new Reputation panel will be included in Patch 1.1.1. This patch will also strengthen the least-used weapons while weakening the most popular ones. The annoying bug that causes players to unexpectedly lose heavy ammo will also be fixed through the update. In the Weekly Update, Bungie said that their previous estimate for 1.1.1's release date is still accurate.

"The promise of 'before the end of February' is still one we’re aiming to keep. Word on the street is that things are looking good."

Bungie closed out the Weekly Update by reminding everyone that Valentine's Day is upon us. They suggest that you play Destiny's Doubles Skirmish mode with your significant other. This Crucible mode is only 2v2, putting more pressure on players to perform and to watch their partner's back. Reviving is enabled and there's only one heavy ammo spawn per match.

Doubles Skirmish first debuted last month. At the time, Bungie stated that there would be other unusual game types added to Crucible in the future.

"While this was a soft opening, back in December we did forecast some theoretical game modes. Doubles is the first experiment."

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.