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Nightcrawler the movie, er, I mean, Jumper, the film starring whiny boy Hayden Christensen as a globe trotting teleporter, is being made into a video game. The question is, did you even know that?

Probably not, as details for the game, which is scheduled to come out on February 12th, three days before the movie, are as scarce as the hairs beneath a 13 year old’s nose—making the game as much an enigma as those strange clips of Samuel L. Jackson in the movie swinging around a metal baton and leaping head first underneath a hurdling British tour bus.

Developed by fairly new company Brash Entertainment, the game is set to follow details omitted from the movie and found in the 1992 novel of the same name. And that’s pretty much all we know about the game. Sure, we know it’ll probably be crap as most movie tie-in games are (Note, Brash Entertainment is also the company making the upcoming, ugh, Saw game), but still, I’d really like to see how the company could dare to take on the go anywhere you want idea from the story and translate it into a video game. Will the leaps you make be infinitely smaller and only somewhere else on the screen, or will you actually be able to disappear and fly to somewhere else around the world? Honestly, I’m interested in just seeing what can be done with this revolutionary concept.

The game is scheduled to come out for the Wii, the 360, and the on it’s way out PS2.