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Warner Bros. and DC released a trailer for Batman: Arkham City's upcoming Nightwing Bundle Pack. The trailer offers abundant footage of Batman's former protege in action.

Like Batman, Nightwing (a.k.a. Dick Grayson) is a master of stealth and martial arts. He wields a pair of Escrima sticks in battle that can deliver a nasty electric charge to enemies. He's also got a number of other unique gadgets, including wrist darts.

Nightwing can be played in all the challenge maps that shipped with Arkham City. The DLC pack also adds two new challenge maps, called Wayne Manor and Main Hall. For a little visual variety, Rocksteady Studios included a bonus Animated Series Nightwing character skin in the bundle, too.

The Nightwing Bundle will be released on November 1st through Xbox Live and PSN. It will cost 560 MS Points, or $7, to download.

Arkham hit stores last week. If you still haven't picked it up, check out our review.