Disney Infinity: Toy Box App Now Available On iOS

If you're looking to take your Disney Infinity experience on the go with you, or perhaps you'd like a free way to see what a large chunk of the game's content is all about, then you might want to fire up the ole iPad and get to downloading the Disney Infinity: Toy Box app, as it's available now.

Not all of the biggest news in gaming is coming out of Tokyo Game Show this week. This latest tidbit comes straight from foggy London Town, where Disney Interactive have announced the official launch of the Disney Infinity: Toy Box app, a free gaming experience for a limited time.

With the app, players will get to enjoy a “fully playable version of the unique Toy Box mode from Disney Infinity,” according to the announcement. “The app offers high quality graphics and gameplay for tablet players, as well as unprecedented connectivity to Disney Infinity's console gaming experience.”

In case you haven't journeyed into a Target or Walmart video games section in a while, where Infinity has utterly taken over a massive section of shelf space, the game is basically Skylanders with Disney Characters. Players can purchase separate playsets featuring various Disney IPs, each of which unlocks a whole new chunk of story-driven content set within each of the movies' worlds. There are also a boatload of additional extra characters to buy, items, and more.

Like Skylanders, all of your new action figures can be placed on a portal that's been plugged into your console of choice, where they are then transported into the game. Along with the scripted adventures, what really gives Disney Infinity legs is the Toy Box mode. Players have access to all sorts of bits and baubles that they can then use to create their own structures, race tracks, etc.

And that, dear readers, is exactly what the recently launched Toy Box app is offering. Players can build their personal playgrounds with the app, then transfer it directly into their home console version of the game, and vice versa. And once you sync the app with your console game for the first time, you'll also unlock some brand new toys, props, themes, etc. In total, you're looking at 60-plus items to dive into from the get-go.

When you start playing with the app, you'll earn instant access to Mr. Incredible as a playable character. The rest of your physical characters should come with a code included. Once you plug that code into the App, your other characters will also become available. Of course, you could always just purchase new characters from within the app, too. Or, even better, if you sync the app with your regular version, all of your unlocked stuff should just become immediately available there, too.

Compatible with the iPad Mini, 2, 3 and 4, you can download the Disney Infinity: Toy Box app free of charge from the App Store (opens in new tab) until Oct. 5.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.