Following this year's explosive Game Developer's Conference, a lot of studios wanted to showcase their upcoming projects and how awesome they are. Well, one of those projects is the Kickstarted racing game sequel that became an internet phenomenon, Distance.

The original game, Nitronic Rush, was a Digipen student project...yes, a student project. It was a lot more fun and original than many mainstream racing games. Unsurprisingly enough, gamers clamored for a sequel and were willing to pay to see it happen, and guess what? That's right, the developer decided to make it happen and Distance managed to hit its Kickstarter goal.

One of the really neat parts about the game is that it focuses a lot on reflexes and reactions to momentum-based racing puzzles. It's an uncommon thing in the racing genre and I'm glad it's getting a bit of special treatment in the sparse and scarce space.

Another highlight is the game's audio and visual aesthetics – the original Nitronic Rush took a lot of liberty in basking in the visual themes of Tron Legacy and I'm happy to see that particular motif explored some more in Distance. The dubstep-trance also fits the mood perfectly.

You can learn more about Distance by paying a visit to the Official Website. And a big thanks to DSO Gaming for spotting the new trailer.

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