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The Division Is Experiencing More Daily Missions Issues, Get The Details

If you thought Ubisoft had solved their problems with the recent actions against cheaters and hackers, they aren’t out of the clear yet. The daily mission rotation within The Division failed to rotate yesterday and left fans bewildered and upset. 

The Daily Missions are supposed to rotate—daily—so that players always have something fresh to tackle. But there have been complaints that Ubisoft Massive has been experiencing some issues in keeping these going. 

For example, this wasn’t the first time the Daily Missions didn’t rotate. A few weeks ago, a missing files problem caused the Daily Missions to skimp out on rotating, and fans noticed. So of course players are going to be upset seeing how they are facing the same problem yet again. 

On a Reddit thread posted 6 hours ago, players were taking to comments to express their frustrations and understand what was happening. User t149 created the thread responding to a comment from user /u/kackapa which stated, 

Hm. Doubtful they'll be back tomorrow. More likely on Monday, if they're not patched today. Seems like the dailies have a start and an end date. According to the data dump from 12th April, and I don't know if there's a more recent one, today's dailies are set to end on 31st April, and tomorrow's dailies are set to start 31st April, so... Next set of dailies with all valid dates is 2nd May. I hope I'm wrong…

User t149 responded by saying, 

Well, he's wrong. Valid date I can found is 1st May. But, there is another thing. Some other time in the schedule got problems. 3rd May - No Dailies 5th May - Only 2 Dailies: Lincoln and Rooftop Comm Relay - Both HM 6th May - Only Napalm Production Site HM The rests are all okay, dates are all correct, and no "April 31st" like today. Just want to let you know, unless Massive brings out any client patch to fix, expect those days will have missing dailies. Maybe have vacation and play other games as a refresh?

So it sounds like somebody got something wrong when listing the daily rotation of missions and users are noticing. One user even pointed out that this wasn’t the first time they’ve had to go through this. User xPray4Deathx said,

They are there almost everyday, this is only the 3rd time, that I remember seeing them missing. Before some thought they were missing when they were just stacked on same mission (both hard and challenging).

Some people in the thread were even calling for those responsible to be fired. And as we’ve seen before in the video game industry, a game’s players can be very convincing when they want someone fired. But luckily, no one really knows who exactly is responsible, so all players can do is wait until the patch goes through to update the mistakes. 

Last time this happened, Ubisoft doled out 150 Phoenix Credits to those affected in The Division, so maybe players can expect some more compensation in return for their hassle. And hopefully sometime soon, The Division gets a break from all of the drama that’s been surrounding the franchise since its release.