The Division's Exploits Keep Getting Worse And This One Is Unforgivable

Ubisoft and Massive have been battling with exploits, bugs and hackers in The Division since the game's open beta phase. Well, this latest exploit takes the cake, enabling players to stack up and dish out more than a million points worth of damage.

Engadget did a quick article on the exploit, where they explain that shortly after Ubisoft made an announcement claiming that they would be punishing players who utilized exploits in The Division, a brand new exploit was quickly discovered where players can stack damage to an absurd degree.

It's not the sort of exploit where you can just head to a corner and blip your way through a wall or something. It requires a process to utilize the exploit, and some people are utilizing this exploit in The Division's Dark Zone, where PvP takes place. As you can imagine, players being able to dispense a million points worth of damage in PvP makes them a very dangerous foe in PvP. Engadget linked to a video from YouTuber Simplified who showed that, despite this whole thing seeming fake, and the absurd amount of points of damage that this exploit generates, it actually did work.

The reason I say it “did work” in the past tense is because Ubisoft was actually quick to address this particular exploit. Gamers pointed out that over on the Ubisoft forums the community manager made a post a few hours ago after the news broke about the uber-damage exploit, explaining that Ubisoft has addressed the exploit in The Division.

The damage exploit wasn't the only fix they made, though. The April 21st hotfix also addressed a bug where players could revive others twice by holding down the Revive key.

Ubisoft set the community aflame a short time ago when they announced that they would be punishing players who made use of the exploits in The Division. This angered a lot of gamers who pointed out that when they pay for a game they're not obligated to anything other than what's allowed in the game. Technically exploits that can be utilized for the benefit of the player are allowed within the rules of the game mechanics, even if their presence is unintended. It's a lot different from using third-party programs to manipulate the game, which is against the terms of service for the game.

Gamers came down on Ubisoft for wanting to punish those utilizing exploits by telling them to fix The Division, so players aren't going to be punished for things that Ubisoft failed to fix during QA testing. The community has also become disgruntled with the persistence of hackers, who some claim are not being punished quickly enough.

Trying to maintain an MMO like The Division is a difficult task for Ubisoft, no doubt, but at least this very devastating exploit has been addressed before it caused too much damage to the community. The only problem is that it seems like every glitch, bug and exploit Ubisoft fixes, several more pop up to take their place.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.