Though DmC Devil May Cry took a lot of flak from long-time series fans before release, the game ended up getting solid reviews. A new "Accolades" trailer from Capcom highlights some of the praise that the game received.

DmC is said to take place in an alternate reality and as such doesn't follow the storyline of other games in the series. Dante is a teenager living in Limbo City, a city secretly controlled by demons. Dante joins up with The Order, a secret society aiming to overthrow the demons and free the city.

Dante's appearance in DmC is much different than in previous games. He's now a thin young man with brown hair and somewhat feminine features, leading some to call him "emo Dante." Reaction to this new appearance was strongly negative, with some fans even sending death threats to developer Ninja Theory.

In the end, though, the game netted some positive reviews. The Metacritic score for the game ranges between 86 for the Xbox 360 and 84 for the PC. The lowest scores on the site are a few 70's, which suggests that the game's at least decent even if it's not exactly what Devil May Cry fans were hoping for.

If you're still on the fence with this game, read our review.

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