Six months following the release of the PlayStation Vita, some of the most interesting titles being released for Sony's handheld console are the bitesized titled made with the hardware specifically in mind. Dokuro looks to be the next title to fill that role, featuring an adorable skeleton in a world that looks like chalk art come to life.

In Dokuro, the titular character must solve physics based puzzles and do some creative platforming in order to save the princess. GungHo Online Entertainment America Community Associate Antonio Cara recently introduced the game on the PlayStation Blog and, at first glance, it looks too precious for words.

In each level, Dokuro's goal is to get the princess from point A to point B using gameplay that looks something like a cross between the original Oddworld and Ico.

“Naturally, the path is always complicated by traps, pitfalls and the occasional flying demon,” Cara said. “These puzzles will take all the moxie and gumption you can muster as you travel through floors of ever-increasing complexity.”

Passing levels occasionally awards you with new abilities, including one that returns flesh to your bony body and allows you to lay the smackdown on invading baddies, as well as one that lets you use chald to directly manipulate the world, similar to in Okami.

No price point has been announced, but at least we only have to wait until October to find out how many bones we must lay down to play as this, um, pile of bones on the PlayStation Vita.

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