Brute force is the name of the game for the Dwarf, the second playable character to receive his very own reveal trailer for Atlus’ upcoming PS3/Vita four-player brawler, Dragon’s Crown.

Like a suped-up Macho Man Randy Savage, Dragon’s Crown’s Dwarf likes to put the hurt on his opponents from up close and personal, flinging baddies around the screen or body-slamming them into the concrete with little more than his bare hands as weapons.

Much like the Sorceress, which received a character reveal trailer last week, the Dwarf’s proportions are grossly exaggerated, so the game certainly has a “style” in mind. I mean, just look at that dude! That’s gotta be like a 30-pack, right? I mean, his muscles have muscles. It’s utterly terrifying.

Now that we’ve had one reveal per week for the past two weeks, it’s probably a safe assumption that the remaining playable classes will each get their own trailers in the coming weeks. Expect to hear more about the Fighter, Amazon, Wizard and Elf over the next month.

After that, we know that Japan is set to receive Dragon’s Crown on July 25 with a U.S. release coming “sometime this summer.”

While I may not be a fan of some of the character designs, I can’t deny that Dragon’s Crown is otherwise gorgeous to look at. And if there’s one genre that deserves a little love and attention, it’s certainly four-player brawlers. And judging by these first couple of character reveals, it looks like the combat is going to be far more involved than just “mash a button to keep swinging your sword.”

Now we just have to wait another week to see which class is next to stand in the “character reveal trailer” spotlight.

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