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The Old One is up to some new tricks, which means the kingdom is once again in need of some crafty heroes. Grab a few friends and get ready for Dungeon Defenders Eternity, an enhanced version of the original game with all sorts of new bells and whistles, as well as content that will feed directly into Dungeon Defenders 2.

While the original Dungeon Defenders isn’t exactly an old game, it sounds like the team at Trendy Entertainment have packed in enough tweaks, upgrades and new content to make Dungeon Defenders Eternity worth a look-see, even if you have played the first version to death.

This latest version of this cooperative tower defense meets combat game was actually re-built from the ground up, boasts sharper graphics, offers all previously released expansions and heroes, and rebalanced gameplay on secure servers. Dungeon Defenders II will also offer up a special Hall of Triumphs mode that will unlock exclusive content in the sequel.

“As we get closer to the arrival of Dungeon Defenders II, we’re thrilled to revisit the title that forged the franchise, offering a new and exciting update on a classic experience for both those who have been playing for years and those just joining us today, “said Trendy CEO Darrell Rodriguez. “Dungeon Defenders Eternity is in many ways a product of our players, built around feedback from fans. Having an open dialogue with our fans is core to all our efforts at Trendy, and that same philosophy is being actively applied to our work on the sequel as well.”

For those unfamiliar with the game, players can quest through Dungeon Defenders solo or with up to three friends. Your character’s class determines what combat abilities they have access to, which you can unleash by running around the 3D environments and smacking people around as if you were playing a beat-em-up. On the other hand, you can also use your time and resources creating clever traps, perfect for rerouting enemy onslaughts or dishing out some extra damage.

As an example of some of the new tweaks plugged into Eternity, Rodriguez mentioned that the armor players equip to their characters will now have a visible difference on the way you look. A new dashing system has been added for those looking to get around more quickly, potions have been added for quick boosts, and new amulets can grant players brand new abilities. There’s also four new chapters for you to battle through, with a story that leads directly into the next game.

Dungeon Defenders Eternity is available now on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux for $15, discounted by 25 percent for a limited time. If you already own the original game, then you can update to the newest version for just six bucks. A less feature-packed version can be purchased for Android Tegra Devices for $9.99, with additional Android and iOS devices to be added at a later date. Finally, you can also play the game in a web browser by heading to the official Playverse website.

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