Dying Light's Best Mods, According To The Developers

Techland picked out some of the best mods available for Dying Light and highlighted them in a video, giving gamers an idea what the modding community is up to on the PC version of Dying Light. If you haven't been keeping an eye on the mods for the game the video is well worth a watch.

It's cool to see Techland celebrating their burgeoning modding community for Dying Light. The modders didn't readily have an easy go of it at first when some DMCA notices went out against modders, blocking the files on some file sharing sites. Techland stepped in to clear up the situation and in the same breath also announced that they would be making modding tools available for the community so that they could make their own creations, ranging from maps to visual modifications to weapon modifications.

Some of the more impressive mods on display in the video are the Waterworld and the Find The Light mods. The Waterworld mod is pretty cool because it's very similar to the Tsunami mod for Grand Theft Auto V. The mod is from a chap going by the handle Raven Unshaven. The map clocks in around 50MB on the Steam Workshop and is a short single-player experience that sees players diving deep under water to discover a hidden city. Feedback for the map has been very positive so far and some gamers are wondering when a new release or additional maps are going to be made based around the water-world concept.

LittleBigWorld is kind of a toy simulation, where players run around in a room as if they're a miniature action figure. The idea of grabbing weapons off a plastic action figure reminded me of Small Soldiers. If you were expecting something along the lines of LittleBigPlanet sorry to say but you're looking up the wrong mod.

The Dying Space mod is another neat concept on the Dying Light concept because it takes place in space and features platforming in a completely different kind of environment.

One of the funniest and coolest map conversions is de_dust2, which is a map from Counter-Strike. This map usually pops up in just about any first-person game that supports modding in some way. The map itself is fast, fun, full of pop-out moments and offers a lot of great opportunities for high-impact shootouts. It's not surprising that in Dying Light the map is used to emulate some moments from Counter-Strike.

I still think one of my favorites is one of the earliest mods released for Dying Light called Find The Light. It reminds me of the laboratory traps in Resident Evil 4 combined with the designs from Portal.

The mods are available for Dying Light, for free. And opposite of some games out there, Techland is still making DLC for the game while also supporting the mod community, so that's great news for the gaming community. The game is available right now for PC and home consoles.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.