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PlayStation 3 owners get a special treat in Batman: Arkham Asylum, they get to play as the Joker. Everyone has been questioning how this will work and what will come of it all and just recently, Rocksteady and Eidos released a trailer showcasing exactly how you play the Joker.

Game Trailers currently has some exclusive E3 trailers up and running that will also be on display during the actual event. We figured it wouldn’t be any good to see the trailers and not share them, so we’re sharing them all with you. This includes the new Batman: Arkham Asylum trailer that gives a very good rundown on some of the Joker’s abilities in the game. Eccentric, is a good word for the playing-style that seems to be incorporated into the character.

In the following trailer you’ll see how the Joker sneaks about, disarms enemies, brutally beats them and how some of his tricks are put to use. My only question is how they’re going to manage to keep some of his “tricks” and “trades” without roving into ‘M’ rated territories. Nevertheless, the trailer below, provided by Game Trailers, is definitely worth checking out.

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