Following closely behind their arch rival, Electronic Arts, Activision has unleashed their official E3 2013 video game line-up. Top contenders for the company includes Bungie's highly anticipated Destiny, as well as the first-person shooter, Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing commented about their E3 offerings, saying...
“This is obviously a big year – not just for Activision, but for the entire industry,” ...“There's a console transition coming and naturally, everyone wants to see what new possibilities that will unleash in the games. We remain laser focused on delivering the things we know our gamers care about most: great gameplay, immersive worlds, and cool innovations. And that's what our amazing line up at E3 this year will deliver.”

Unlike EA or Microsoft, Activision isn't relying entirely on sports, TV, sports TV, TV sports, sports and TV or TV and sports to round out their line-up. Instead, Activision is relying on Commando Lassie to reel in that GOTY, but they're going to have a tough time competing with The Last of Us. That game will be rocking a lot of nominations assuming no one else pays off media for a bunch of GOTY nods.

Anyway, Activision's offerings includes their newly announced Skylanders game, Call of Duty: Ghost Dog (but it doesn't star Forest Whitaker or have music from RZA, just in case you were wondering, but the dog still dies at the end) and Destiny. We already knew that Destiny was coming thanks to the leaked contract from last year, but it's good to know they're following through. The complete line-up and the details of that line-up can be viewed over on Activision's official website.

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