The apocalypse should be fun, according to Sunset Overdrive Creative Director Marcus Smith and Game Director Drew Murray, and it looks like this latest offering from Insomniac Games aims to deliver on that very premise. The duo took the time to show off their latest creation during E3 2014, an off-the-walls third-person shooter coming to the Xbox One on Oct. 28.

The premise behind Sunset Overdrive is quite a bit different from your average zombie apocalypse fare, which is exactly what Smith, Murray and the team at Insomniac were shooting for when setting out to develop the game. They were tired of drab environments and stone-cold serious narratives, wanting instead to create an end times where there are colors aplenty and gameplay that empowered the player to get creative and have fun blowing shit up rather than hide behind cover, move from room to room and conserve their ammo.

For a more direct look at what Sunset Overdrive has to offer, check out Katy Goodman's hands-on preview highlighting the online multiplayer. As for Smith and Murray's behind-closed-doors E3 presentation, however, they said that game development was guided by three simple themes. Theme one is “fun in the end-times.” Theme two is “be who you want to be.” Them three is “major McFuck Ups.”

“If the zombie apocalypse really happens, it would be because some human made a mistake,” said Marcus Smith. “In our world, it's because a mega-corporation brute-forced an energy drink through the FDA and, unfortunately, there are a few side effects.”

Sunset Overdrive is set in the year 2027. Fizzco is set to release a brand new energy drink called Overcharge Delirium XT and, three weeks prior to launch, they're hosting a huge celebration in Sunset City. You happen to be a janitor working at this utterly ridiculous event, and so you're witness to the first batch of poor human saps becoming mutated monstrosities.

It turns out you're perfectly suited to this new world of lunacy and, thanks to your ability to grind, leap and bounce around the environment like a pogo stick on acid—as well as your sweet arsenal of explosive weapons and environmental traps—you'll (hopefully) stay one step ahead of the monstrous horde, blowing the enemy to smithereens while you zip around the city in a nonstop ballet of chaos and destruction.

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