Everyone's favorite Worst Company In America has some big news to share at the upcoming Ubuntu Developer Summit later this week. What sort of big announcement can we expect? Well, a lot of people are speculating it has something to do with Origin.

The hint comes courtesy of Ubuntu's official Google Plus page where the free OS has the comment plastered right there at the top, saying...
Electronic Arts will be presenting at the Ubuntu Developer Summit next week. Expect some exciting news.

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, a lot of speculation circulates around Origin, given that EA has really been pushing for the digital platform as of late. Ubuntu, a free-to-use operating system is being pegged as the next target for the Origin digital-distribution platform as a means to compete with Valve, who has also filtered into the Linux territory with Steam.

The general comments around the web regarding the news seems to be that EA and Ubuntu are at opposite ends of the world in terms of business philosophy and consumer relations. So a lot of people aren't expecting good news, despite the fact that Ubuntu says that there will be "exciting" news on the horizon.

It will definitely be interesting to see how this all turns out given that EA hasn't been winning any favoritism contests with the general gaming community at large but maybe whatever it is they have to announce at the Ubuntu summit will help change that perception.

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