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According to a recent statement from the higher ups at EA, the publisher is expecting Star Wars Battlefront to perform really well this holiday season. Given the fact that the beta ran so smoothly and folks seemed to be having a good time, plus the fact that it's freaking Star Wars, we're guessing the publisher didn't consult a fortune cookie for this particular prediction.

In a recent earnings call from EA yesterday, Gameinformer is reporting that the publisher is expecting big sales numbers in a galaxy far, far away. In other words, they expect that the force (Read: sales) are assuredly with Star Wars: Battlefront.

EA put Battlefront over an expected 10 million copies sold by the close of the fiscal year. This, according to EA's chief financial officer, Blake Jorgensen.
The open beta for Star Wars Battlefront was exceptionally well received by players. Consequently, we're raising our unit forecast for sell-in during fiscal year 2016 to approximately 13 million units.

That's a pretty high figure to achieve but, honestly, this is one of those games we think will have little trouble pulling it off. Outside of the whole Star Wars license working in its favor just before the launch of a brand new movie trilogy, the game has had an extremely successful lead-up to its Nov. 17 launch.

That all began with early trailers that did a fantastic job of setting the table for Battlefront's arrival. EA and DICE followed that up with an open beta that was genuinely open to everyone. No matter what platform you game on, you could get into the Battlefront test run without having to pre-order the game, drink a soda or any other nonsense.

Finally, and certainly most importantly, the beta went very, very well. Folks have been a bit wary of online-focused games since these past few years have been full of buggy titles hitting the market that were not ready for prime time. Aside from a few small hiccups, it sounds like everyone was able to pop onto the servers and play the game to their heart's content through the limited beta window.

That positive buzz has spurred EA on to its lofty sales estimates and, with the added bonus of arriving just before the annual holiday shop-a-thon, I'd say Battlefront is indeed ready to soar off of the shelves. I'm still not too crazy about the extremely pricey Season Pass for future DLC, but that doesn't take away from the fact that all signs point to the core game being worth the investment.

It's hard to believe, but Star Wars Battlefront will arrive in less than a month. I imagine quite a few of you already have it on your holiday wish list, yeah?

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