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The results are in and The Consumerist's Worst Company in America Award is currently taking place to determine who royally screwed up to take home the golden dookie award for the worst consumer-related company in America, and sadly it won't be Electronic Arts.

The Consumerist rolled out the results for the 2014 Worst Company in America first-round results, and it was a tough battle but EA was not the victor.

In a very-close-but-no-cigar bout, EA pulled in 48.8% of the vote versus Time Warner Cable's 51.2%. Consumerist notes that all of the transgressions of 2013 carried out by the electronic hands that some would say were forged in the doings of the devil, were nothing compared to the potentiality of losing one's ability to surf the net for high-quality porn due to bandwidth caps and limited data throttling. For those who don't know, there's a process of lifting the regulation of net neutrality and a lot of consumers are expecting the unholy combination of Comcast and Time Warner Cable to be the worst thing to happen to humankind since the brief tag-team of Stalin and Hitler.

As noted by the Consumerist...
“Judging by the absolute crushing that Comcast brought down on Yahoo in its first round match, there is a lot of hatred out there for the nation’s largest cable/Internet provider, and today’s TWC result confirms that voters are more than happy to spread that hate around. “

Let's not forget that Comcast also has additional streaming fees they're putting into place, as noted by the Washington Post. They've also already raised the subscription rates but cut some basic cable features, as noted by Oregon Live. It didn't take much for Comcast to rack up consumer ill-will, and that impending combination with Time Warner hasn't slowed down the consumer hatred one bit. More than anything, it appears the hatred has increased, festered, multiplied and then spilled over from Comcast and into the bracket with Time Warner. Sadly, this all comes much to the disappointment of those who wanted to see EA manage a three-peat as the Worst Company in America. Sometimes, the good things in life don't always happen the way we want... even when it seems fair.

However, there's still a beast lurking in the shadows of the consumer forest... Microsoft. The Micro 'S' has yet to face down against AT&T, but I get the feeling that it'll be a clean sweep for the enterprise software maker.

The real battle will be based on who consumers will hate more: A company that throttles their ability to use the internet, or the company who tried to create a walled garden on the digital entertainment market and risk wiping out an entire generation of games?

You can check out the rest of the results over on the The Consumerist's official website. Even though EA has failed to make history and set a standard as a three-time repeat offender of the Worst Company in America, there's still hope that Microsoft can pull it together and win it for team Redmond.

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