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Hailed as “Terraria in space”, Edge of Space is one of the many crowd-funded games I've been eagerly awaiting to release in 2013. The game is probably already going on my top 5 of the year even though it isn't finished yet. The latest trailer for the game even lays out some reasons why others might want to get excited, too: Including a gun-matrix system like Borderlands, an ever-evolving open-world to explore and terraform, as well as a multiplayer system so you can have fun with friends.

Reverb Publishing has let the game world know that Edge of Space's latest trailer is not only available, but that the game is being sold at a discounted rate while it's currently in beta. You can grab the game for only $9.99 right now from Desura, nearly 35% off from the game's original $14.99 release price. But before talking price, we might want to talk features...and there's no better way to talk features than to show them off in a trailer. Check it out below.

Man, it will be so awesome going around blasting cat-octopuses with shotguns or vaporizing laser-sharks with photonic plasma beams. That's some sick stuff right there.

If the game has you remotely interested but you're not quite convinced to put any money into the game, feel free to at least show some support by visiting the official Edge of Space Greenligth page and upvote the game so that Valve will one day get it approved to appear on the Steam store.

You can learn more about the game by visiting the Official Website.

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