Today Junction Point Studios announced that they're developing a sequel to 2010 Disney adventure Epic Mickey. Unlike its predecessor, Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two won't be a Wii exclusive.

In Epic Mickey 2, Mickey Mouse heads back into the Wasteland. The Wasteland, which also appeared in the first game, is a dark realm filled with long-forgotten Disney characters and theme park attractions. In this adventure, Mickey will be accompanied by Oswald the Rabbit.

"It's drop-in, drop-out co-op," Junction Point's Warren Spector told the Associated Press. "You can sit down at any time with a friend who is playing as Mickey, and you can take control of Oswald. If you're playing as a single player, Oswald will be there every second of the game. He's not just a multiplayer character. He's a helper, whether you're playing alone or with a friend or family member."

The development team hopes to address many of gamers' complaints about the first game. Spector said that they've made "over 1,000 specific changes" to the camera featured in the original Epic Mickey. The characters are voiced this time around, too.

The AP article mentions that, like Disney animated movies, the sequel will have musical numbers. Jim Dooley and Mike Himelstein, the composer and lyricist working on the upcoming animated film Dorothy of Oz, will contribute original songs to the game.

Epic Mickey 2 is expected to arrive this fall. It'll be featured in the upcoming issue of Game Informer if you want to know more about it.

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